Benjamin Fulford Full Report Asian Elders Reject Khazarian Mafia $150 Trillion Survival Boondoggle


Source: benjaminfulford

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Dave Petrovic
2 months ago

All PCR tests are contaminated with Covid 19 period. Your friend should have known that Ivermectin and Hydroxy-Z pak was available and should have never gone to the Hospital in the first place but take the treatment which lasts for 5 days and he would still be around. When that person was surprised to see you standing there and not sick, and then the Japs mob is after you, connected to Rockefeller or Rothschild, you BETTER HAVE A GUN ON YOU AT ALL FUCKING TIMES ok. They HAVE A CONTRACT HIT ON YOU. Time for you to wake up and be RAMBO. Had this happen to me I would gone out looking for either of the Rockefellers and Rothschilds and kill them first before they get me. I don’t fuck around Ok.

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