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richard sanborn spc4 US Army retired
richard sanborn spc4 US Army retired
4 months ago

whoye hats are running the country when are all yiu that are sleeping going to awaken its time!!!!!! Donald Trump is CIC and she just told you they are running the country although i think its out of Trumps hands except for a fck no if its to badfor the country but the Alliance runs the show to show all you that couldnt be real people how bad it could have been if they had succeeded(black hats) and what were seeing right now isnt a 10th of what would have neen going on with fema camps and the guillotines in full action killing off 7.5 billion people you idiots dont even have a clue! its right in front of your faces and you still cant see shit you till get programmed every night by mm news you still use floride tooth paste still get meds from big pharma all either are making you really stupid or killing you and your frinds and love ones WAKE UP! WATCH FALL OF THE CABAL! RUMBLE THEN “THE GREATEST SHOW ON EARTH”, THEN DEREK JOHNSON ON RUMBLE, QNEWS PATRIOT ON RUMBLE, DR CHARLIE WARD SHOW WAKE UP! YOU SAY IM AWAKE BUT ARE YOU REALLY????? READ ALL Q POSTS ON 4 CHAN OR JUST SEARCH IT

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