Restored Republic via a GCR Update as of February 18, 2022



Author : Judy Byington

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Dave Petrovic
Dave Petrovic(@yopatriot)
3 months ago

The Army General tapped to take over as top US Commander in the middle East is a NATO fucktard. Ukraine belongs to Russia period. It will not create any instability to the Middle East because at that point NATO WHICH IS PART OF THE CABAL WILL HAVE NO POWER OVER THAT REGION PERIOD. Ukraine has NOTHING TO DO WITH SYRIA, you stupid warmongers.

Then you state Ukraine War will set off Middle East war, Balkans war, China-Taiwan War, India-China war, African coups, South American coups. What you are saying the damn CIA BASTARDS FROM THE CABAL WANT TO SET ALL THAT OFF BECAUSE Russia recently embarrassed the hell out of the Cabal by not doing anything to UKRAINE of which they wanted a war to start. I cannot wait until the CABAL and the CIA finally be terminated forever out of this planet, and all of them are KILLED.

So, the canadian banks outage all went offline simultaneously, and the reason is to prevent the BANK RUN which will deplete all the Banks of their cash itself and then have no power over the Citizens. The Hackers who revealed the donators information are going to be hunted down and be killed on sight. No mercy will be given to them.

Kuru being a disease its cause is from eating the Brains of a Dead Person and also from Cannibalism. It will not affect people who do not eat or participate on such practices.

That secret report on the Dominion voting Machines MUST BE TOLD TO THE PEOPLE OF USA AND NOT WITH HELD AT ALL, because it will expose all the criminal activity that the Democrats did in rigging the 2020 election which will be tantamount to absolute TREASON!!!!! CTCL stands for Center for Tech and Civil life!!!!! This CTCL was founded in 2015 by Tiana Epps-Johnson, a former election administration director for the New Organizing Institute (NOI), Whitney May, a former board of elections official in Durham County, North Carolina, and contributor to the voting information project at NOI, and Donny Bridges, a former election administration research director at NOI.[1] As of September 2020, all three founders held leadership positions at CTCL. This outfit was very much involved in the election Fraud, that made 19 payments exceeding $100,000 dollars to all jurisdictions that Biden carried in 2020 and in every state you will find their involvement in committing election fraud. The group said it helped elections officials gain access to better technology to “connect people to the civic information they need to participate in elections.”

In regards to the NASA Bill, known as H.R. 5746, which is a Leasing Bill, the House and Senate CRAMMED AND JAMMED INTO THAT BILL THE>>> HR-1 and HR-4 which does not pertain to NASA itself, AND is TWO bills that gives the power to the Democratic Parties to manipulate the Elections once again through NO VOTER ID RIGHTS known as the John Lewis Voting rights Act, and the Freedom to Vote Act into a single text. THIS H.R.-1 AND H.R.-4 IS TOTALLY ILLEGAL AND SHOULD BE RULLED UNCONTSTITUTIONAL BECAUSE IT DOES NOT RELATE TO THE TOPIC AND SUBJECT OF NASA. A Federal lawsuit needs to be filed and a injunction to stop those two bills should be put into force by order of the Court and be thrown out of the H.R. 5746 NASA BILL.


CHINA DOES NOT SUPPLY 50% OF ALUMINUM FOR BUSINESS AND INDUSTRIAL. YOU ARE LYING ON THIS SUBJECT BIG TIME. THE world’s top 10 largest aluminium producing countries in 2021 include India, Russia, Canada, UAE, Australia, Bahrain, Norway, the U.S., and Iceland. Together, these top 10 largest aluminium producers account for over 85.6% of the world’s total aluminium production volume every year, and they are the leading producers position wise in the global market. Do you care to respond to this false Lie??? I challenge you. Bottom line is this, CHINA HAS VIRTUALLY NOTHING NO IRON ORE, NO COAL, NO NATURAL GAS, NOT ABLE TO RAISE UP CATTLE, CREATES VIRUS AGAINST HUMANS WORLD WIDE, HAS A NUCLEAR COMMAND CENTER ABOUT 7,000 FEET BELOW GROUND, AND ONLY HAS RARE EARTH METALS WHICH IS USED FOR COMPUTERS. THEY DO NOT HAVE OIL RESERVES BUT BUY OIL FROM OTHER NATIONS, STEAL OTHER NATIONS INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY, they want to take Taiwan for their 7nm chips, MAKE BOOTLEG AND FAKE PRODUCTS, they BUILT OVER 30 GHOST CITIES, AND ARE TRYING TO CONTROL ALL THE NATIONS ECONOMICAL supply SYSTEMS, AND THEY HOARD GOLD TO WIT TO CLAIM THEY ARE WEALTHY FUCKING IDIOTS. I hope you understand this top to bottom ok.

Stopping China will not create war, and there is no way that they have that many warships in 60 major ports around the world, yet armed with NUKES and fleets of Nuclear Subs. They have never produced this many. Best you order all those so called warships away from all the ports world wide and any that do not SINK THOSE SHIPS WITHOUT ANY HESITATION IN A SIMULTANEOUS STRIKE.

USA is so stupid to let 20 million Chinese Military operators passing HERE as U.S. Citizens owning restaurants/stores and they should be banned outright and be told to return to China. REVOKE THEIR USA CITIZENSHIP and VISAS > PRONTO, RECALL ALL THE USA EMBASSY PERSONNEL OUT OF CHINA, AND ORDER ALL CHINESE EMBASSIES TO GET OUT OF USA. THEY CAN LEAVE HAVING ONLY THEIR CLOTHES, AND ALL THEIR TECH EQUIPMENT FLASH DRIVES AND COMPUTERS AND PAPERS MUST REMAIN BEHIND AND SEIZE ALL THEIR Financial ACCOUNTS IN USA. THIS WILL STOP CHINA COMPLETELY. Sooner they will get the message being they are persona non grata. Then tear up and revoke any agreements China has with our USA companies, land and properties. All USA property shall be NATIONALIZED AND KEPT PROTECTED UNDER USA UMBRELLA FROM ALL FOREIGNERS PERIOD.

J M Smith
J M Smith
3 months ago

We hear these announcements daily… and we wait! Needless to say, if nothing happens on the 22nd. The channel will surely lose me as a listener. Enough talk already!! People are hurting.

Jeanette Rost
3 months ago

The exchange notifications are supposed to come out just as communications are to be cut off. Am I the only one who sees a possible problem with that? It’s almost as if Iraq has been waiting until communications are off to finally do something. If they make the deadline to exchange very short, they could avoid having to pay off many people.

Why do we see Dinar Gurus who say there will be no notifications, no RV (dinar will just float), and there aren’t any such things as Redemption Centers? Others say just the opposite. Who is correct?

This is the first I’ve seen that the general public will be exchanging at the same time as Tier 4B. Isn’t that going to make things just a tad crowded?

Do we know that the globalist monsters are even human? Or all human? Has anyone seen DNA results on any of them?

You can’t sign up for Truth Social yet; only “testers” are on it and all the average person can do is get on a waiting list.

margaret m miller
margaret m miller
3 months ago

I cannot imagine how hard it is for the military to go into these DUMBS not knowing what they are going to find but knowing it will be something horrific. I pray they use the Med Beds to wipe their memories as they are doing the children who are being rescued. I pray this is over soon and all the corrupt satanists are either executed or taken off earth.

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