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8 days ago

??? Based on the info in this release, is Trump really working to set America and her people free or is he just our next dictator? And since you have never answered any of my questions before, shall I not expect one now… (yes, I was expecting hope, but as usual, there was NONE).

Stephen Hines
Stephen Hines
8 days ago

Remember Trump! The meek shall inherit the Earth. Mystery Babylon is dying. Beware of what you build for a New Republic is not built of brick and mortar but of Souls. Souls with memories of lies and theft. Memories of the poorest being begged for money. Memories being told you will make some money if you buy my product, then buy something that goes with that product and on and on. How many of your buddies have been denied a payout? Thief! The Republic will end your lies and thievery.
We were told HARP had been neutralized. Another lie, explain that to my fellow Houstonians…sent your FEMA in there yet to help with the cleanup? The New Republic will Judge.
NESARA keeps getting pushed back, how much further? Need to make more off your trinkets and elixirs? Have some buddies you need to take care of. Oh, don’t forget to throw a bone to the public and over publicize Trump’s generosity while you let the poor and weak suffer. Who to hell do you think you are? Good thing you spent all that time and poor money on your RARA Crowd. Most of them are just as blind as the ones you have neglected. Another Division Tactic plus the propaganda that Obama signed into law…. it’s still there right? The New Republic has new rules we have not become accustomed to.
Hurray for the New Republic – Hurray for the many men and women who have died to make the steps of Freedom to a land that respects human life, all life and doesn’t judge it through tainted eyes greed and superiority. The Republic……….learn it and use it or we will lose it again!

Brenda Willden
Brenda Willden
8 days ago

What happened to our big Announcement? Same shit sandwich different bite.

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