Restored Republic via a GCR Update as of June 23, 2022



Author : Judy Byington

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Dave Petrovic
Dave Petrovic(@yopatriot)
11 months ago

I have stated this before, you will not have peace when you will have heaps of cultures CLASHING, > EXAMPLES Slavics vs Islamics, Jews vs Arabs, Blacks vs Whites, Chinese vs Americans, Hispanics vs USA Citizens white people, Nigerians vs French or Germans, etc., as races and cultures always will be a battle, same with Religions, Catholic vs Islam, Atheists vs any form of Religion.

If one has this many stuffed in a country like USA YOU WILL NOT SEE RESPECT OR PEACE AMONG THE VARIOUS CULTURES, AND RACES OF PEOPLE. >> If they are not removed back to their respective country of origins, you can forget about respect and peace PERIOD. <<< You people are dreaming way out of reality. The answer is right here in this paragraph. We as citizens want out of the FRICKING U.N. WANT OUT OF THE PARIS CLIMATE ACCORD, otherwise it will be CLASHING WITH THE NESARA/GESARA.

Go ask Russia if they are willing to let blacks into their country, Islamics, and Chinese into their Country. They WILL NOT LET THEM INTO THEIR COUNTRY, BECAUSE THEY ARE NOT THAT STUPID, like you idiots are OK.

11 months ago

You people have no bottom of misinformation to ya, anything to keep the flow of this channel going I suppose. Most people know Bill Gates and wife were hanged in India for killing their children and crippling them with the polio vax some time ago . How about you explain why you people wont tell it like it is ? Just another news outlet to keep us in the dark with all the useless bullshit about Ken and Barbie . Tell the tale of how we are all being duped by DC and the fake Joe Biden . If you cant do that then you are just a part of the shit !! As I suspect you are controlled op.

Larry M
Larry M
11 months ago

One can only pray this happens soon

Jeanette Rost
Jeanette Rost(@texas-arwen)
11 months ago

We’d better hope that the rumor that the Alliance part of the military has confiscated massive amounts of food that the elites had set aside for themselves, because even NESARA money won’t help us if there is no food available. A food “shortage” that might be a problem for our current population might not bother whoever is left alive later, depending on how many people die of the Injections in the meantime.

I wonder how much longer there will be any people left whose safety the military will use as a gauge to make their decision to openly engage the enemy.

Jeanette Rost
Jeanette Rost(@texas-arwen)
11 months ago

Come on, guys! A Supreme Court decision that has had probably more effect than any other and you can’t spell it properly? It’s ROE vs Wade, not Rowe vs. Wade.

I believe that many armed Americans will be on “high alert” this summer, in addition to the military. Is that going to be when the military finally come out in the open? They can hardly keep it quiet if they are in the streets unless they disguise themselves as something else, and that could be very dangerous if tens of thousands of armed Americans are out there, too, and can’t tell who is military and who is not.

Trump is undoubtedly in the know on everything, and if he is planning a rally on the 25th, I doubt that the world is going to be shut down on the 24th.

Jeanette Rost
Jeanette Rost(@texas-arwen)
11 months ago

I wish the Cromars luck with the IRS. The IRS made up a rule on their own (although they do not have the authority to make tax law, rule, or regulation – that is Congress’ job) and stole almost $1 million from my dad. We showed in court that there is no rule, regulation or law that gave them the authority to confiscate those funds, but the judge was an Obama appointee and my dad was a lifelong donor to the Republican Party and the judge ruled against us (with what appeared to be a lot of trepidation). Now we are appealing in the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals, where a tribunal of judges will look at it. We have to hope that we get two conservative judges and one liberal judge and not two liberals and one conservative.

But of course, the IRS HAS to steal money and assets so that the US “Government” can continue supporting tens of millions of illegal aliens and funding 336 bioweapons labs around the world.

Jeanette Rost
Jeanette Rost(@texas-arwen)
11 months ago

Why were more than 3,000 people arrested for trying to exchange dongs? Were the dongs stolen or counterfeit?

A new wave of a still un-isolated disease in Australia. They must be quaking in their boots.

I have a phobia about shots, and have avoided them as much as possible my whole life. How glad am I now? !!!

People who intend to murder 7 billion people (13 of every 14 people) don’t give a damn if the intended murder victims protest. We’re going to have to do far more than complain (protest) to stop them.

11 months ago

How Bill Gates can buy new land if he was arrested and executed at the end of 2021?!?
Besides that, there were rumors he and his wife were hanged in 2013 in India for their “vaccination” after which lots of children died.
It looks like your right hand does not know what is your left hand writing.

Steven Eckert
S alan
11 months ago

Well one thing you can expect from the older generation on all the super positive changes coming our way is ‘so what?’
We have been through hell since 1st Grade where we learned to hide under our desks for protection from the nuclear bombs that Russia was going to drop on us.
After 50, 60, 70 years of promises from Popes, Government officials, CEO’s of companies, the Red Cross, every church around and most of the charity organizations around..well we won’t fall for all the promises made by Trump and the Military either because we have heard it all before.
You won’t get a good response with the benefits your video states.
As for the medbeds, just who in the heck wants another 30 years of this?
Personally I’ll never use a ‘medbed’ as this body will fall apart before I trust anything like that!
And as for becoming rich with money well come over and watch it all burn in my bonfire.
Thank you for your hard work putting all this information together! Also for putting up with all these comments.

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