Restored Republic via a GCR Update as of June 9, 2022



Author : Judy Byington

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1 year ago

Bat virus, are you shitting me lmao … You people are full of shit and then some . Half ass he said she said , very poor job of trying to pass off as a real news forum .

1 year ago

The monsters are not ignoring childhood cancers caused by The Injection. Those cancers are intentional, as is all the other damage The Injection is doing. This is an effort to commit world wide genocide. People MUST quit playing word footsie with it!

Biden agreed to kill all Khazarian Mafia? That’s amazing. He has historically supported, and even given money to, the bad guys. Hopefully the Russians can scare Biden into also putting a shoot-to-kill order on every American involved with bioweapons. Any of them left alive will re-start this nightmare, sooner or later.

Marcia Jenn
Marcia Jenn
1 year ago

Once again, the spelling of ETC was spelled ECT and though it was pronounced correctly as spelled, it was confusing and lost meaning in the article.

I liked that you used ( ) around the numbers/letters so the male reader is not saying dot. Much like a run on sentence as I was taught in school. The Satanist points yesterday were confusing with the period at the end of each number being pronounced DOT.

I do wish you would read through and edit out- not repeat – the same information multiple times in the daily brief, such as today about the babies dying.
The videos could then be shorter.

Appreciate your dedication to getting the news out. Love when you give a historical background to open eyes.

I sent your site and RealRawNews site to my brother yesterday to wake him up. He thinks I am drinking too much or just nuts. Not drinking at all, well one glass at night sometimes. Been living this same theory for 3 years now with my husband.

Keep up the good work, GOD WINS!! God bless you.

I am just an everyday American who wants this to end very soon so the Fauci believers who got the JAB can be healed, if that is possible. My only daughter, daughter in law, son in law, and 3 of my 5 grandchildren all got the JAB. I am so worried for them.

Thanks again.
Marcia Jenn

1 year ago

The “current pandemic”? The one that thousands of scientists have been unable to isolate in two years of searching? Come on; there is no virus and thus, there was no pandemic. The claim that they existed was a scare to get people to take The Injection, and hopefully die from it.

We’d better be careful slinging scary words about bats. The insect-eating bats keep the insect population down (the Congress Street colony of Mexican Freetail bats in Austin, Texas eats 60,000 pounds of insects PER NIGHT). The fruit-eating bats (flying-foxes) pollinate up to 80% of the plants in areas where they live. Neither carried Covid, because Covid never existed. The bats are already being killed in large numbers due to the stupidity of people. Causing more killing of these bats by stoking fears is suicidal.

1 year ago

Many Americans have felt for decades that letting China get its claws into the US was a serious mistake. (That includes allowing so many Chinese to reside here.) Looks like we were correct.

Election criminals are indirectly responsible for the coming food shortage. They saw to it that Biden (apparently) got into office, and Biden & Party of Pedophiles have cooperated with the world genocidists to engineer the food shortages.

Bring back burning at the stake.

1 year ago

Bill Gates is NOT a “broken man”! He is still one of the world’s wealthiest and most powerful people. He will find another way to depopulate people and he will put his money behind that new crime against humanity.

The vaccine awakened a dormant AIDS in Africa? What I’ve seen repeatedly is that AIDS was IN the (Bill Gates) smallpox vaccine. It was deliberately given to injectees, just as the Pfizer Injection deliberately delivers AIDS to injectees now. (And we are seeing a resurgence of AIDS here in the US now.)

1 year ago

Even through Brave search engine Google is censoring and I am not able to access. I’m calling Timber..

Ana Miles
1 year ago

Thank you Restored Republic.

1 year ago

are you kidding me charlie ward is a total shill and has not told the truth in a long time if ever

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