Restored Republic via a GCR: Update as of May 12, 2023



Author : Judy Byington

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James King
James King
4 months ago

We have heard the EBS for the last two years with not a peep. The longer the delay, the more children die. The EBS will verify the information, but it has been as quiet as mouse.

Jeanette Rost
Jeanette Rost(@texas-arwen)
4 months ago

It appears that many, many Americans are dying from the Injection; they are LEAVING the power grid. So who are the new people getting on the power grid? Is the Biden administration giving homes of murdered Americans to illegal aliens? Perhaps to CCP members being placed here to take over the country? Or just Mexican and South American peasants being allowed in as an excuse to take ALL of our incomes in taxes, not just a hefty percentage of them, kill the American middle class, and allow China (and any of its buddies, like Mexico) to take over?

Is the RV going after the EBS, or not? MarkZ says he thinks the exchange will occur in the next few days. We hear possibly Monday the 15th. Then we hear that in this same time frame, the EBS will start, and last for 8 to 10 days, after which Tier 4B will be notified, which would make it impossible for us to exchange by Monday 15th.

Mother’s Day is May 14th, not June 13th.

July 23 WAS set to be Trump Inauguration. Has that been changed? If not, shouldn’t the sentence read: July 23 IS set to be … or July 23 is SAID TO BE .. ?

Jeanette Rost
Jeanette Rost(@texas-arwen)
4 months ago

With everything that Biden/administration/CCP has done AFTER he allegedly took office, why are we looking back at crimes he committed while he was VP? Is it because he can’t be charged as President, since he’s never been the President? They want to charge him as an official, not as a private individual? And how can they charge him at all, when we keep hearing he was executed at Gitmo about three years ago?

The Alliance needs to start telling the truth before they lose the trust of everyone.

It’s a felony to do business with a sex trafficking ring, but it is also complicity in crimes against humanity (a death penalty offense) to help the sex trafficking ring commit crimes against humanity by funding them. I’d go for the death penalty offense, although Hunter has allegedly been executed by the military at Gitmo, as has Joe, allegedly.

The Japanese government wasn’t made up of slow learners; they were very likely pursuing a depopulation plan. We just weren’t aware of it as some of us are now.

Jeanette Rost
Jeanette Rost(@texas-arwen)
4 months ago

Why bother with fancy words “mandatory” and “compulsory” with reference to injections? Just call them FORCED INJECTIONS. Let’s get the sleepers’ attention!

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