Restored Republic via a GCR: Update as of May 29, 2023



Author : Judy Byington

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3 months ago

hi,judy i have been watching your videos for years hoping to get ahead or on top of things…but lately have been very frustrated with all the dates you put out and nothing ever happens.are you part of the dissinformation thing now???you have not been right with any dates… its like you are dragging things along.i wish i never would have watched any of your date infested videos!!!

Sarkis Zeitounian
3 months ago
Reply to  bob

I understand what you’re saying the days are not exact because
military it’s not exact about the dates because a lot of things are changing for them to day by day but about 2024 election forget about it it’s not going to happen it’s Mickey Mouse
so something is going to happen for sure before 2024 nobody know the date exact
I trust Trump 100% whatever we reading and listening if 50% of this is  true it’s more than enough for me

3 months ago

I am going to stop listening to your posts. Simon Parks said no one knows time or dates and those on social media are saying times and dates which is misinformation. The ebs is unknown, banks folding by June something or other is unknown, seniors getting big money no one knows anything about that. I’m disappointed because I narrowed it down to your posts and now I know even your intel is not accurate.

Jeanette Rost
Jeanette Rost(@texas-arwen)
3 months ago

They do a scan on you to find out whether or not you are a good person. Really? That sounds flakey to me. For one thing, they (the Alliance) claim that they have all the information on wrongdoing. With all the information coming out about good and bad ETs, it seems more likely that they will be doing a scan to find sort out who is 100% human, and who is an ET or a hybrid.

We are constantly being told that we need to raise our vibrations, but our QFS card is going to be locked into our vibration at the time of exchange. What happens with the card when someone’s vibration increases?

What is the statement about the 13th of June being date of MOAB attack on king and queen supposed to mean? Are we talking Charles and Camilla? If not, then who?

If Trump is indeed going to be inaugurated on July 23rd, I’m having a heck of a celebration on the 24th, my birthday!

Jeanette Rost
Jeanette Rost(@texas-arwen)
3 months ago

The god of satan worshippers is Satan. He is described in many ways, but I’ve never seen him described as transgender. That would mean that he started off as a goddess. What is the source for this transgender Satan information?

Congress and the Senate are protecting military whistleblowers? Doesn’t that seem a little unlikely, considering how many of those two bodies seem to be involved with what the whistleblowers are exposing?

The US has more oil than Saudi Arabia. I’m surprised the Feds don’t just claim that our dollar is backed by oil.

What is the “UPU” of which DJT is “commander and chief” (as opposed to Commander in Chief?)? United Pope Underlings?

Jeanette Rost
Jeanette Rost(@texas-arwen)
3 months ago

Much of South America should get its invaders under control before it complains about the US.

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