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Jeanette Rost
Jeanette Rost(@texas-arwen)
6 days ago

Ten days went dark in 1582? How? Why? Who?

How does anyone get 2,000 children into one shipping container? The idea is ludicrous.

Globalists have said they want to kill every living creature on earth. Blaming animals for the globalists’ engineered diseases is one way to get people to kill those animals.

How are we to determine whether there are ongoing military tribunals and executions? It’s all SECRET.

Warren M Gray
Warren M Gray
6 days ago

If Biden is dead then why do you keep referencing him. I am following the plan are you.

Renate Kloefkorn
6 days ago

As soon as you referred to Phil Godlewski, I lost all trust in your reporting. There are so many good truthers out there, why would you believe what this GRIFTER Phil has to say? Do some research into the Pennsylvania criminal court records, you’ll be surprised what you will find. And if you need donations to keep up your channel, ask Phil as he has now bought 3, maybe even 4 houses. NOT A FAN OH HIM.

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