Restored Republic via a GCR Update as

Nick Fleming RVGCR Intel Update 10-24-21

NESARAGESARA Coming Soon to your TownNESARAGESARA Coming

Why is China so afraid: US and

Merciless Attack: US Military Sends 66 F-16

Terrifying: US nuclear submarine Spying on Chinese

Russian afraid: US F-22 Raptor Fighter Jets

Almost clash: Russian Su-30 fighter jets overshadow

Happy Taiwan: Today China, Russian All US

Terrifying mission: Dozen US Air Force F-35

Military Dads Surprise Sons With Homecoming During

U.S. Officials Monitoring China’s Military Growth

Why No Nation Wants to Fight the

Next Generation FIGHTER JETS are Coming

Military veterans resign from Senator Kyrsten Sinema’s

US President Biden hints at military intervention

Wisconsin Audit Finds Elections Are ‘Safe and

White House: Biden to Outline Filibuster Changes

WH Clarifies Biden’s Remarks on Taiwan: ‘Our

Trump Slams Meghan McCain: ‘Always Been a

The Dangerous Reality of the Left’s Hysteria

Sinema Advisors Level Hilarious and Hypocritical Accusations

Sean Spicer: Mainstream Media Painting Fake World

Rep. Fitzgerald to Newsmax: AG Garland Ducked

NJ Gov. Murphy’s Lead Over GOP Challenger

Merrick Garland Strangely Silent After Indiana School

Judge Sets Nov. 4 Hearing for Trump’s

Gallup: Biden’s 11-Point Approval Drop Most of

Joe Biden names Neera Tanden as White

Biden Faces ‘Let’s Go, Brandon’ Challenge as

Arizona AG Seeks Immediate Halt to Biden

American Trapped in Afghanistan Pens Heart-Wrenching Letter

Restored Republic via a GCR Update as

Nick Fleming RVGCR Intel Update 10-23-21

Restored Republic via a GCR Update as

Nick Fleming RVGCR Intel Update 10-22-21

White House, Dems Hurriedly Reworking $2 Trillion

WH Was Consulted About NSBA Letter Comparing

Terry McAuliffe’s Latest Move Is Desperate and

Nine GOP Members Vote to Hold Bannon

Joe Manchin Teaches Bernie Sanders a Valuable

Here’s the Problem With CNN’s Dumpster Fire

Gas Hits Unbelievable High While Biden Shuts

“Everyone Should Be Very Worried”: Democrats Begin

Delta Force Raids Adrenochrome Warehouse

Blinken Spoke to Bogota Embassy Staff Affected

Biden Hits Peak Lunacy With Ridiculous Plan

At Town Hall, Biden Says Infrastructure Spending

Ron DeSantis Just Made a Bold Move

Rasmussen: Transportation Sec. Buttigieg Underwater from Paternity

John Ratcliffe Offers Incisive Analysis of China’s

Joe Biden Has a Senile Moment and

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