Nesara Gesara News September 22, 2021

Nick Fleming RVGCR Intel Update 9-22-21

US Air Force to declare winner of

UK Minister Sorry Over Afghan Interpreters’ Data

Top Air Force officer’s plan to ‘accelerate

The Space Force’s new service dress and

Military Could Better Tackle Extremism in the

Lawmakers press for more answers on Afghanistan

Korean War soldier killed in 1950 buried

Drone Strike Kills at Least 1 in

Biden Says US Not Seeking ‘New Cold

Air Force F-16 intercepts Army West Point

1 of 2 Pilots in Military Jet

A DARPA competition to build underground robot

‘We Were Them:’ Vietnamese Americans Help Afghan

Watchdog: DoD getting better at tracking military

The Air Force Is Still Short on

Student aviator in T-45 Goshawk crash got

See photos of Marine’s body returned to

Northrop Grumman now has five B-21 stealth

North Korea Slams US Over Submarine Deal,

Attacks on Joint Chiefs chairman are ‘ridiculously

Air Force general to review errant Kabul

Nick Fleming RVGCR Intel Update 9-21-21

Nesara Gesara News September 20, 2021

Virginia gubernatorial candidates spar over COVID-19, abortion

Nick Fleming RVGCR Intel Update 9-20-21

U.S. faces backlash over new pact with

U.S. faces backlash over new pact with

48 Hours: The online life and death

Survey finds many employees expect work-from-home options

FDA declines to recommend booster shots for

How law enforcement prepared for pro-January 6

Congress braces for busy fall schedule as

Body matching the description of Gabby Petito

Watch: Volcano erupts on Spain’s La Palma

Body found in Wyoming believed to be

Nick Fleming RVGCR Intel Update 9-19-21

Turkey Is Testing Its New Military Drone

US Army Finally Tests Its New Jet

12 Most Incredible Military Failures CAUGHT ON

10 Best Military Lightweight Off-Road Vehicles In

New Russian Fighter Jet Shocked The World!

10 Most Powerful Tanks Of WWII In

10 Most Incredible Military Trucks In The

10 Most Insane Military Drones In The

12 Military Failures CAUGHT ON CAMERA

10 Best Stealth Warships In The World

10 Most Incredible Military Armored Vehicles In

Nesara Gesara News September 18, 2021

Nick Fleming RVGCR Intel Update 9-18-21

These warships are leaving Japan after more

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