Nick Fleming RVGCR Intel Update March 2, 2024

Restored Republic via a GCR Update as of March 1, 2024

Nick Fleming RVGCR Intel Update March 1, 2024

Bidenomics: Major U.S. Companies Are Slashing Jobs at a Staggering Pace

Biden Visits the Border Patrol in Brownsville, and His Confusion Goes Into Overdrive

Biden’s America: Macy’s Announces Closure of 150 Locations—Including Iconic San Francisco Store

Good News, Everyone! 8th Circuit Court of Appeals Upholds Iowa Mask Mandate Ban

Get Ready for Yet Another Netflix Price Hike

EXCLUSIVE: Location of Fani Willis’ Campaign Office Is Another Link to DNC Operatives

Federal Judge Stays Texas Law Giving Law Enforcement Broad Powers to Arrest Suspe

Let’s Talk the ‘Fauxrage’ and Negative Reaction to a Simple Viral Video of Girls Dancing

Ex-Obama DHS Head Admits Biden’s Illegal Alien Crisis Is ‘Nationwide,’ but He’s Dead

Tenacious Canadian Townie Terminates Tumultuous Terrorist Turkey … With Trusty Slingshot

Not a Drill: San Francisco May Actually Pass Some Sensible Legislation

It’s Official: Repeal of Ranked-Choice Voting Will Appear on Alaska’s 2024 Ballot

New: Contrasts Between Border Towns Biden and Trump Are Visiting Makes Biden Look Even More Pathetic

President Donald Trump, Texas Gov. Greg Abbott Speak on Border Crisis at Eagle Pass, Texas

Continuing Resolutions Frustrate Republicans and Call Speaker Johnson’s Ability to L

Nick Fleming RVGCR Intel Update February 29, 2024

Restored Republic via a GCR: Update as of February 29, 2024

BREAKING: Supreme Court Will Take Up Trump Immunity Claim

Bob Iger Quietly Dumped a Massive Amount of His Disney Stock As Showdown With Nelson Peltz Nears

Disabled Texas Mother Fighting to Get Her Son Back After State Removes Him Over Medical Choices

Justice Jackson’s Comment About Bump Stocks Just May Be the Most Ignorant Thing You’ve Ever Heard

Is 2024 Trump’s Election to Lose? Looking at the State of the Race: Trump Vs. Biden

Dear U.S. House: That $1.7T Omnibus Spending Bill You Passed in 2022? Unconstitutional

HOT MESS: Karine Jean-Pierre Flubs Questions on Biden Cognitive Test, the Border, and Laken Riley

Exposed: Public Info Reveals New York AG Letitia James Lives High on the Public Hog

Why Did Far-Left Democrats Make a Secret ‘Human Rights’ Trip to Communist Cuba?

USWNT Got Smacked by Mexico 2-0

Police Report Shows Lakewood Church Shooter Had Prior Arrest for Illegally Possessing Firearms

Key Member of Harvard’s Antisemitism Task Force Resigns Because It’s Not Really Fig

Nikki Haley’s Light Bulb Finally Comes On — Sorta: ‘It Is Very Possible’ That the GOP

Parking Is for Whites, Spring Break Blacks, Says the Newspaper for Hysterical Headca

Investigation Exposes Rampant Sexual Misconduct and Drug Smuggling Among Kent

Restored Republic via a GCR: Update as of February 28, 2024

Aaron Bushnell Proves What We’ve Said All Along About SecDef Austin’s Stupid ‘Extremism Stand Down’

Biden Claim of Possible Imminent Ceasefire Appears to Have Been Nonsense, and That’s Concerning

ABC News Head Accuses Trump of Racism and Completely Exposes Herself

House Committees Subpoena Records of Biden’s Hur Interview, Now Team Joe Is in a Deep Bind

Nick Fleming RVGCR Intel Update February 28, 2024

Former Employees Say Fani Willis Forced Them to Identify ‘White’ as ‘Bad’ at Mandatory DEI Training

Even Obama Aides Now Acknowledging Issues With Biden and It May Spell Doom for His Campaign

Ron DeSantis Dunks All Over the Clowns Who Said He’d Lose to Disney

More Trouble for Electric Vehicles As Apple Abandons Major Project

Texas AG Ken Paxton Goes to War With Pornhub and Things Could Get Ugly

Muslim Chicago Cop Claims ‘White Privilege’ Holding Him Back, Sues City to Change Race

Tennessee Sheriff’s Office Faces Scrutiny for Stealing Livestock Without a Warrant

Joy Behar Accidentally Explains Why the Seth Meyers Interview Was Anything But a Win for Joe Biden

‘Bling Bishop’ Facing Trial for Defrauding and Extorting Congregation Members for T

The Facts Behind the Death of a Trans Student in Oklahoma Exposes the Activist Media, Once Again

Tennessee Lawmakers Poised to Pass Bill Banning Pride Flag From the Classroom

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