Nick Fleming RVGCR Intel Update 10-8-21


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Donnie Campbell

My Brother was ill and Got both his vaccines, Not long after we found him dead on his couch’ I know if the med beds had been rolled out, He would of made it’ But we all know how this keeps turning out, 1 step forwards and 3 steps back meanwhile people are dying from the VAX I miss my brother and Nothing can bring him back now’ Maybe the Truth and moving forwards might help us that are left, I’m afraid I will loose both my parents while were waiting for whats coming’ I pray every day’ for things to really move forwards, and The fact that Iraq ia holding back all these things is bad’ Why can’t we let Iraq stand until we get all other things done? it seems they are missing with the rest of us and were dying at a record pace’ It’s not fair’ The tier 4 can’t even move forward until the Dinar is settled’ what is it that Iraq are doing to the rest of US?’

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