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4 months ago

I like the information as I have an interest in the IQD.. but I have high hopes it will come soon.. I’ve been waiting on this since 2006.. God Bless and Hope your troubles all get resolved..

Karyn Stoneking
Karyn Stoneking
4 months ago

For the love of God please to whomever is in control of this RV stop kicking the can. Have yall seen the prices of everything? We cannot pay our bills, feed our babies. I get it yall want to make sure we won’t ever forget Job done I don’t think any of us poor people will ever forget.
But at some point yall have to realize the intentional pain your causing others will eventually come back to roost.
The ones you are hurting did not cause all of this evil sure we should have recognized what was going on and stood up. But those of us that did were punished severely therefore nobody else wanted to put their necks on the line.
Let’s move past the blame game on the people and put it where it actually belongs on the satanist families, the secret societies, the governments, the royals, the huge corporations, and anyone else who’s sold out to them. Let’s get the mess cleaned up. Enough is really enough already.
Stop kicking the can please.

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