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Sad Eyes
1 month ago

Remembered Voices. I was sitting, and I remember Dad’s voice, talking to someone, saying, “You broke him. You fix him.”
Another time, younger, I’m sitting and a man, obviously angry, is walking back and forth in front of me.
He stops and shouts, in the loudest voice I ever remember hearing, “You tore his face off!!”. It really startled me. I’m guessing he was talking about things I had done while being part of that satanic Child Kidnapping Ring. I don’t remember actually doing that, but I probably did. At seven and eight years old, I was constantly terrified, and did as I was told. As I was expected.
Years later, in 2000, I was confined to a Mental Health Facility, and I’d gotten into it with a smart alec punk. Later that day, I noticed he was talking to a male staff member, and I knew he was complaining about me, then the staff guy shouts out, “Well, apparently he doesn’t remember face off!”.
I don’t know when this happened, but I remember people looking down at me, and a guy says, “We told you what was going to happen the next time you did this, didn’t we?” I have no idea what that was about.
I remember sitting at a table in a court room, and a judge had asked me if I had anything to comment. I stood up, and angrily shouted, “Yes your Honor! I want an apology!”
The judge looked at one of the lawyers, and asked, “Is he for real?” I’m assuming this was connected to the beat down and the gangrape, I had endured.
In another one, I’m guessing I was under, ’cause all I hear is a woman’s voice saying, “Marty. I’m going to give you a man’s name, but not right now. It would be too dangerous. When you remember this, and the man’s name, and you will remember, Marty, I want you to find someone you can trust. And you give them this man’s name, and tell them to search his past bank records, and tell them to look for any large sums of money that was deposited in his accounts. Tell them to see if those deposits, correspond to the disappearances of all those children.”
It had to be someone high up in the Illinois Government, or an Agency. Tell you the truth, I was thinking of Mr. Herbert Walker. IDK.
Here’s something that was was strange. Us boys were being raised by my Grandparents on my Mother’s side in Southern Illinois. Every time my Dad had came back stateside, us kids were on pins and needles. We’d hear a knock at the door, and Grandma would open it, and we’d see Dad, and jump all over him.
I can remember this happening at least four or five times during my time there.
Years later, in ’77, Grandma got word that Dad was coming to get us and move to Ft. Leonard Wood, MO.
All I remember of that day, is waking up on couch, and looking over at my brothers hugging Dad.
Looking back it makes no sense. I knew Dad was coming, so why was I waking up on the couch? Why did I fall asleep, knowing Dad was coming at any moment? I remember getting up, and I could sense people behind me, as I ran to Dad, and gave him a huge hug.
Uh uh. No way. I had been under. See, Dad had came in January of ’77, and my incarceration, and subsequent gang rape, etc, had to have happened in late ’76.
You gotta remember, that I had no knowledge of all this. I didn’t start remembering until ’97.

1 month ago

where is the video where “trump himself” announced that USA is joining BRICS?

1 month ago

Eclipses are not caused by the plasma moon that we see that goes through the wax and wane phases. Silver will most likely end up higher than gold in real buying power for reasons very few know. The massive chem trail spray during the eclipse was overwhelming in ohio. I could taste and smell it, my eyes burned a little until I went inside my filtered room. Everyone needs to be on MMS (chlorine dioxide) and micronized or ultra fine zeolite.

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