Restored Republic via a GCR Update as of July 25, 2022



Author : Judy Byington

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4 months ago

Please stop repeating yourself. It is getting annoying when I pay for this service. You are doing a good thing now do a great thing!

Jeanette Rost
Jeanette Rost(@texas-arwen)
4 months ago

Older Germans and those with physical problems must have a very hard time waiting from 7AM to 2PM to get some food. Another example of authorities making life almost impossible for the people of their country.

The depopulationist monsters intend to kill about 7 billion people. Not even the prospect of being tried at the Nuremberg II trials is impressing the monsters; do we really think that demonstrations and protests will impress them?

Confiscate U.S. farmland owned by Chinese nationals, and any people of Chinese descent found to be CCP members. Get foreign troops from any other country out of the U.S. This is a matter of life and death.

FINALLY someone tells us why Israel is to be last. Thank you!

4 months ago

The truth is my friends there is no such thing as a nuke, this is just another lie to put us all in fear of the criminal cabal known as government . Stand by the constitution for we the people and stand your ground , this is a do or die situation for the human race to be free of tyranny and the evil that money represents . This RV in my opinion is nothing but another system of control by the other side of the coin , we all are being played by those who consider themselves to be the builders of society, the masters of money and captains of industry . All decisions are being made by so called military , are they working for we the people or the money masters ? If we all get screwed on this there will be hell to pay for these people who love to enslave those who are not a part of the club .WE are the flood thats why they are trying to kill us all . Super weapons are bullshit , if they had them they would have already used them in the stead of the fake pandemic . We all need to stand together as the human race , in this way these scum have no chance , including what is government .

Paul A Coover
4 months ago

I know everyone here has said the words out loud, “How can people be soooo stupid?” the answer is not what you think.

Prion disease is the surprising answer. Mad cows disease? Chronic wasting disease, kuru, and many others. Infected by prions that are proteins that are barely alive that form into circles that destroy your organs. And yes your brain is an organ.
This is the answer to Altheimer’s and the damage there.
Tell me this. Why does the CDC Website have a page about “Zombie Apocalypse? I saw It reported that the US has 500.000 deaths from the jab. But they don’t pull it. In the Past if 50 people died they pulled the plug. It has become obvious that the intentions of these evil monsters is to kill, maim and destroy. To subjugate without legal authority by means of a medical fascism. And everyone who shows their cards for these fascists will be arrested by the Military.
It is the Marines and Jag who now have the standing constitutionally because we are in a state of war. We were attacked by Italy, UK, China and Germany during our elections. And we have been attacked since then too. look around.
This is actually envenomation. It’s synthetic crape and cobra venom made in factories. In the food? In the water? They just caught 2 men with enough fentanyl to kill everyone in California. Watch the water? Watch out for the water. PS the spike protein is a prion. Better wake

up now or rest in piece (I know how to spell peace.)

Raw 023.png
Steward Tony Pacheco
Steward Pacheco
4 months ago

Always great info!

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