Restored Republic via a GCR Update as of July 4, 2022



Author : Judy Byington

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David Stephens
David Stephens
1 year ago

How many months have you been making this claim? At least 8. But it never happens. Therefore it never will. And even 8f it had, we the civilians cannot be locked down, noone has any of the required Personam jurisdiction. Not even Trump, who is a sworn public servant, he swore an oath to serve us, the lawful masters. Since when does a servant get to tell his masters what to do? Never! Same for our military. They obey us, refusal to do so is high treason and they can be lawfully shot dead If they try to tell a civilian what to do. Not even Martial Law can change that. Trump’s Executive Orders do not apply outside the executive branch, they have no effect on we the civilians. Our servant has no Personam jurisdiction to order any of us to do anything at any time for any reason. We will not comply if he attempts such treason. We will arrest him, and if he resists, we will force him by any means necessary, because that is legit law, from before the unlawful incorporations of 1860.

1 year ago

This can has been kicked down the road so many times, that no-one cares about it anymore. Humanity has the attention span of a squirrel.

Are we going to elect them out?, Or, are we going to take them down? We, the people, have been treated like mushrooms (Fed shit, and kept in the dark) for so long, that many are walking away from your narrative. Me personally, I’ve already lost everything that I ever worked for (Literally), so, it doesn’t matter to me what happens. I’m just tired of it all.
Independence Day?
Independence from what?
It’s the same Shit-Show, with a different headline.

1 year ago

Just lovely, all these years of not owning, let alone viewing a tell lie vision, and suddenly I’m
Supposed to get one so I can view the truth of world history…???
What is the definition of mass formation psyop again?
I was hopeful about starlink, altho I’ve always seen musk as a freak listening to the instructions for dark arts from demons…but I was staying open minded about starlink, while being prepared to take myself off the internet completely. Now knowing starlink can vape a nuke within 2 secs of launch, I won’t be joining. We are entering an age of frequency, for which humans have absolutely No Defense against.
I’ll continue to watch till the end, since I’ve been witnessing this agenda for 48 years, but I’ve already decided I will NOT be joining the future of civilization.
The lure of “technology” is going to be man’s downfall. It’s origin is demonic, it’s goal is to destroy creation. The human species is addicted to it.
If you knew the history, you would clearly see Satan has limited tactics in it’s playbook.
But mankind falls for it over and over.
In order to survive, a human body needs nutrition, and warmth. Y’all better be more concerned with becoming self sufficient in that department.
I wouldn’t be staying in a house, in a neighborhood, in a town or city, either.
Y’all are just sitting ducks…
How many of ya have made moves to start living defensively?
Have y’all forgotten SkyNet?
That’s what Starlink is. It’s probably already too late, it probably already has everyone’s frequency signature, fully linked to all their data.

1 year ago

Minute mark 3:24, you say Elon Musk is not our friend and is of the Black Hats side.

He gave you the Starlinks you fucking bastards, and now you are gonna double cross him ehhh.

Keep in mind he is the creator of those starlink SATELLITES and he CAN TAKE THEM AWAY FROM YOU AT MOMENTS WITHOUT ANY NOTICE. Any creator of such ability that has any brains, will always have the self destruct backup in place to protect their creation in case such individual gets Double Crossed. SO YOU WANT TO FUCK EVERYBODY EHH???? Therefore I am going to send him YOUR MESSAGE FROM THIS RESTORED REPUBLIC AND LET HIM SEE IT WITH HIS OWN TWO EYES.

Remember Karma??? Watch out for it. And the person who put out that 2,000 Mules movie,accordingly the way IT LOOKES LIKE>>>> you also are going to fuck him as well. Lets see ya do it too.

At the 10:06 mark, you said Pfizer has a contract with U.S. Army and the DOD, which means YOU WILL NOT DESTROY THEM. because they have all those Bio-weapons labs and threatened you etc., so YET you will ALLOW THEM TO KEEP KILLING US TO WIT. YOU BASTARDS HAVE BROKEN EVERY BIOLOGICAL TREATIES SO SIGNED with other nations worldwide, AND YOU THINK YOU ARE IMMUNED???? Go fuck yourselves white hats. You in charge need to take full responsibility and accountability for your treachery to the people of the entire world. Therefore I am now siding with the Russians and not the US Military for Long term. Putin is right about your insidious intentions.

I alone have the right to revoke my oath to the USA and its Flag and its Constitution because right now it is totally all corrupt to every 1 million agencies Courts, State Governments, its 3 branches, including all in the fucking USA Military that is Pentagon related.

At the 10:32 mark, I was appalled on your stupidity, As long as the CIA/FBI/ Homeland Security/and the PENTAGON CABAL BASTARDS/ is kept intact they are going to ALWAYS CAUSE NATIONS PROBLEMS, until the day you totally blow it “”ALL UP”” without warning with a Nuke/Thermobaric blast that they will never ever recover from or do anything every again.

At least at this point you will have achieved a partial something from all your efforts. The others is that CERN, the HAARPS, BIO-WEAPON LABS, and the weather modifications arrays in both Hemispheres, AND most of all your damn DEW and NASA.

1 year ago

Happy 4th of July white hats and Patriots????????????????????

paula cannon
paula cannon
1 year ago

a friend of ours 5 YEAR OLD daughter has gone missing in the UCRAIN

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