Restored Republic via a GCR Update as of July 6, 2022



Author : Judy Byington

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1 year ago

I will not be interested what ANY actors say or do after all this thats been going on. IF Hellywood survives, I hope it doesn’t, but pedophiles will always be somewhere. Thats what I know. So I actually haven’t seen one GOOD movie ever. I actually stopped watching movies because when the Matrix came out, I just thought oh isnt this some bs…had already heard movies are actually telling us stuff long ago. That movie was hard to follow immediately for me. I went from there to Anonymous, to here. So thanks for giving me somewhere to go.

1 year ago

more BS just another day..a stolen election keeps rolling we the people see nothing..!
truth is fading away…so hard to believe.
kick the can down the road..slowly..sad times…losing faith on trust the plan.

1 year ago

Would you please explain why we need to be smashing protons? All of us already have the God particle. I came across info…..some time ago that the facilities …..longest stint being turned on is 26 seconds ….due to the energetic danger it imposes to the planet. A portal to send the demons back to hell?? hmm. There is so much inconsistency about this place…..cia headquarters for the world bad people….clarity…….oh my. I do really appreciate your work and I am forever grateful. No one comments here, though….why???

1 year ago

The fire in the Gulf you claim was caused by CERN is file footage from a year ago..Stop spreading BS..Its was a natural gas leak that ignited.I live in Florida, I remember the incident…

Peter E Harter
1 year ago

You referred to Pelosi as a man. I’m glad someone else sees it, too. But she has two daughters? So does Big Mike.

1 year ago

46 of 50 states have determined that Trump won? And we are waiting for WHAT? !! SC overturned the 2020 election in June. And we are waiting for WHAT? !!

CERN is using massive amounts of energy, when energy is a problem in many places in the world, including in Europe.

Were the Monsters hoping that by the time their mass murders went to grand juries, there would only be a million people left alive on Earth?

No bond movement and no Tier 3 notices yet today, according to MarkZ sources.

1 year ago

We don’t need energy from elsewhere; we have more oil reserves than Saudi Arabia. We just need to get rid of Biden and remove the rest of the Monsters from positions of power, and re-start our American oil industry. Thank a Democrat for our current Biden/Party of Pedophiles-engineered fuel shortages.

With the gold returned to the US from the tunnels under the Vatican, we should be able to back our currency with gold, just like the BRICS nations are doing. We just hve to get rid of the Monsters.

We’ve been told repeatedly (even here) that the corporate US was ALREADY dissolved. Did it come back to life somehow?

1 year ago

The Dutch government is not “for or of the people.” Rather than fighting back against “their government,” the Dutch people are fighting back against “their enemy.” Tell the Dutch tractor drivers who were shot at by government employees that their enemy-government is being removed by the military. I imagine their answer would be: When?

US only has to elect Congress? There will be no president, no Executive Branch? But the three branches of government were supposed to check each other. Just because the Monsters wormed their way into control and tainted the system doesn’t mean that a third of it should be tossed out.

Any country announcing the intention to use bioweapons, natural disaster manipulation, etc., should be excluded from NESARA/GESARA. We haven’t had our lives damaged and degraded by the Monsters for whole lifetimes, just to be killed off by aggressors looking for loopholes to use to kill us.

1 year ago

WHO broke the treaty on bioweapons? “The Americans” doesn’t tell us who actually did it. Someone signed documents – are they in Obama’s sealed documents? If so, when it is proven that he was never a legal president since he was (and might still be, if he’s still alive) an illegal alien, it should be easy to unseal the documents of an illegal alien.

If medbeds are going to become available to the public before the end of this year (as predicted); they should be able to help the people with VIC (vaccine-induced cancer).

The UN should be dissolved, not changed. It has been a dishonest, conniving outfit almost from the start and has robbed American taxpayers of untold billions.

1 year ago

Donald Trump has the following children: Ivanka, D.T. Jr., Barron, Tiffany and Eric.
What names did you mention in your July 5 issue?!? That is a lie.

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