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9 days ago

I watch RestoredRepublic every day & sometimes twice. It is the best Q updates I have found. Thank you for your time & commitment to this extremely important information. I contribute monthly.

9 days ago

When does public go

Sad Eyes
9 days ago

What bothers me the most, is that I still don’t know who the people were who were helping me. Take the year I did in MO DOC, for example. The inmates all wanted me dead, and I kept waiting, but no one laid a hand on me. Somebody was keeping them from killing me. Same in the TX DOC.
I seriously doubt that old Herbert Walker died from natural causes, and I’m more inclined to believe that he was executed, and I bet he sang like a bird. So maybe you know who I am.
In that culvert in AZ, I clearly heard a guy saying, “We know where he’s at. Why don’t we just go get him?”
A woman responded, “We can’t do that right now and you know it!”
Were they you people?
Something else. I know for a fact that everywhere I go, past or present, and settle, everyone in the area is informed all about me. Is that you people doing that?
And it’s like every “friend”, and every woman I’ve had a relationship with, is “playing a role”. Even my youngest Daughter, at sixteen, once said to me, “Dad, you eat babies!” And I couldn’t get anything else out of her.
Another thing, since I can’t remember yet, who’s been helping me since I was seven, I don’t know if they’re the Good Guys or the Bad!
I’ve been waiting most of my life for a bullet to the head, or anything! Something is holding people back from murdering me!
. Personally I think I’m being saved for a “Special Occasion”, and it ain’t gonna be pretty. I should have died multiple times by my own hand, but Death wouldn’t take me. Me surviving, especially in that culvert, was just about miraculous. Maybe God or an Angel stepped in. If so, I think God also has something for me down the line, and I’m of the notion, that it’s not gonna be pretty either!

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