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Lorinda Madore
10 days ago

What is the OPERA? When the fat lady sings? What are “Whales”?

: Paul-Asahel: Coover.
: Paul-Asahel: Coover.
10 days ago

2 years ago (edited) This is the night they tried to kill our president with a contact poison. It would stick on his hand and possibly kill his wife too! (Nancy tore up the papers, she probably needed the poison off her hand.
What was the CIA thinking when they invented Dominion? The World is my oyster? Or America is just a banana republic? Why do they want US dead? Answer, You can’t take over the world–If you can’t take over America.
.”We never wanted a coup de ta for you…” Mike Pense,” Are you sure that is not on?” Pelosi, ” FOX NEWS AT 11…..If they happened to see you.” ” I saw you,” said the Gunners Wife.
Welcome back Mr. President. Let’s Make America great Again WWGOWGA

Coup de Tete.png
get bent
get bent
10 days ago

all fake nonsense.

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