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Jeff Babb Willis
1 month ago

There remains confusion on when redemptions begin and where specifically are the redemption centers.

Kriste AShley
Kriste AShley
1 month ago

I keep hearing the white hats are in charge – how then are they still using the DEW weapons against the people

1 month ago

Ha’lo Divina, Great news in today’s video. Sure looking forward to having gold backed money again and the evil swamp gone or silenced. Well do I remember buying a brand new car hot off the showroom floor for 2,400 Buck$ in 1972. Those were the days! Aqm also thankful seeing God working through President Trump to not only make America great again but to get us back on track with God.

Anita King
Anita King
1 month ago

I received my SSDI payment today, March 1, 2024, there was NO CHANGE IN MY BENEFIT AMOUNT!

temp mail
1 month ago

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