Restored Republic via a GCR: Update as of May 25, 2023



Author : Judy Byington

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susan a keir
susan a keir
10 months ago

no America that I know wants Mexico to be part of the United States, are you kidding me. This will destroy America

Albert McClure
Albert McClure
10 months ago

All is fine in your utopia while our family is tired and fed up with the slow roll out of Truth and justice for we the People living this deep shit deep state Crap so. Much soon and immanent jargon flying off of your blog’s and guru’s lips to make me feel better in this 2 tier justice 3rd world us of A…

10 months ago

Today is Thursday May 25, why are the dates for this action to take place never conclusive or adhered to? Is this disinformation designed to deceive the enemy or the patriots?

10 months ago

Why are the UN and some organization that is NAFTA renamed, allowed to make any rules or have any control over us? They should both have been gone long ago, and we were told that the UN WAS gone some time ago.

It’s taken the military this long to count the watermarked ballots, or it’s taken this long to get the corrupt courts to do the right thing?

OF COURSE the Injections were deliberately toxic! Does anyone believe that all those highly trained scientists ACCIDENTALLY included toxins like graphene oxide and snake venoms?

Surely the Supreme Court Justices are not stupid enough to think that the invading CCP soldiers infesting our country already are going to treat them like buddies when they have enough soldiers here to overrun the country? Do they actually think they will far outlive October or November of this year, when – for all we know – there will be millions more enemy soldiers here?

10 months ago

Mexico to become a state? Aren’t we supporting enough Mexican peasants already, without putting ALL of them on the welfare rolls? And illegals (who have been mostly Mexicans for decades) already kill about 9,000 Americans a year, between drunk driving and deliberate violent crime. We need more of that? I can’t imagine many things worse than Mexico being a state in the USA.

There should be an agreement that if Hawaii leaves America, it leaves our protection, too. If they hate us so much, let them figure out how to avoid being gobbled up by the Chinese. They should chat with Hong Kong before they make that change. They can do what they like, but we should not have to pay for it.

Bin Salman is preparing for peace? Muslims care nothing for peace, despite the false claims about their “religion.” Bin Salman is just an example. He ordered the executions of people who objected to having their land stolen for his new real estate development. He can’t be trusted. I think Trump is smart enough to know that, too.

10 months ago

TRUST THE PLAN has become a phrase hated by many. Sorry, Alliance: Too much time has passed, during which too many people have seen their friends and family murdered, have lost their homes and all other assets, have had their businesses destroyed. The evil elite and their minions have been given too much leniency in order to expose them, and too much destruction and devastation have been allowed.

People of third world countries have been taken advantage of by corrupt companies, as have we all, but people in third world countries could have helped themselves immensely by not reproducing irresponsibly. If you look around it appears that for non-elites, the higher the birthrate, the lower the standard of living. Kenya had a birthrate of near 8 at one time. They ran a massive campaign encouraging smaller families, and the non-elites enjoyed a rise in living standard. We can’t have countries where most of the people are only skilled at reproducing, and expect people in other countries, who produce more than offspring, to support them.

Sarkis Zeitounian
10 months ago

Thank you

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